Documentation will be updated after Scripts Organizer version 3 is released.

For Advanced Code Editor for WordPress with Scheduling Scripts Feature.

Advanced Code Editor editor for PHP, Scripts, and Styles with code autocomplete to makes your coding writing faster.

scripts organizer

Our unique feature is to write HTML, Script, Styles, PHP, and create a shortcode at the same time. Everything is split into several code blocks that can be switched between a row and a column view depending if you are working on a smaller or bigger screen and you don't want to scroll up and down.

If you don’t want your code published across the entire website, you can narrow the executions with conditions. You can target post or taxonomy archive, post type, or even a specific post or page.

Besides targeting script types you can include or compliment them with the date of execution. Target your post type on Monday and Wednesday and target the home page from Jun 21st to Jun 23rd easily with our date range condition.

If the date range is not precise enough you can execute one script on Monday until Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 and another one when the shop closes. Date and time settings follow your Server Clock and Calendar to ensure that you are scheduling scripts at the right time.

We are using WordPress' native way and every script is published like every other blog post. That way you will be familiar with the plugin usage and a minimal learning curve will be applied.

For script organization you can use WordPress tags, this helps finding and sorting scripts easier.i In the Admin panel, you can also sort them by Title or Date once it's published. Besides tags, you can write detailed comments on what each script does, so you don't need to open it and look at the code.

For testing, you can use Enable/Disable toggle to see if the script is doing something wrong to your website or just to test how it looks before and after the script is active.

As little as one character in PHP can cause a white screen of death. With Safe mode, you don't need to be scared anymore. Scripts Organizer is checking code and every time there is an error Safe mode is triggered. You can disable the script or improve the code and then update it.

Scripts Manager is such a powerful feature that it is even cross-functional with Swiss Knife. You can upload your favorite Frameworks like bootstrap or GreenSock. Once it's included you can choose if the file is enqueued (available across the entire website) or register it to be triggered when you need it.

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