Documentation will be updated after Scripts Organizer version 3 is released.


SCSS Partials

Long CSS files can be long and important parts can not be reused. The solution to this is it split your CSS into parts and merge it with Scripts Organizer. If you know the power of SCSS with variables and mixins even better. You can write variables and mixins into separate partials and include them in the code block when you need them.

SCSS Partials are separated from Code Blocks for a reason. To make UI less cluttered and to be logically easier accessible.

Create SCSS Partial

On the left side, you can find the SCSS Partials menu. When you open it hit "+ Add new" button and create it as any other Custom Post Type. 

screenshot 2021 05 21 at 17.23.23

Include / Merge SCSS Partials

When partials are created you need to merge them. 

Open Code Block and add a new one that will be used for the merger.

Scroll down to SCSS PARTIALS MANAGER and enable it by clicking "Show " button.

screenshot 2021 05 21 at 17.37.06

Click into the Select partials field and a dropdown with autocomplete will come up with all created partials to choose from.

SCSS Partials order

Order of SCSS files is important same as in PHP. We made that easy. When you import all needed SCSS Partials you can just drag and drop them in order you need.

screenshot 2021 05 21 at 17.40.58

SCSS Safe mode AKA Error handling

Same as PHP, SCSS can fail as well. To be sure that everything works ok we are checking for errors and notifying you when and why that has happened.

screenshot 2021 05 21 at 17.51.45

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