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Changes on a live Oxygen website without the fear of breaking it or intercepting the visitor’s experience are now possible with the Sandbox plugin.
With dPlugins Sandbox mode, you can now work in an isolated environment of the same site, and send a unique secure link to your client for review.

The live version of the site won’t be affected by any changes in the Oxygen builder until you publish them.

Any change you made to Oxygen Builder’s settings (plugin setting and global style), post (all Oxygen related MetaPost) will be isolated until you published it.

Now with version 2.0 you can have multiple sessions at once!

When to use Sandbox

Case 1

You are working on an online shop. Payments are going frequently. And if you move your website to local to test the changes, so no one can see them you will run into a problem in a mismatch regarding those payments, registered users, and orders are not matching anymore.

Case 2

The website is big and you will spend a ton of time moving it to local. Do some changes. And then move it back to the production server.

Case 3

You are working on the client's website. Before he approves changes you need to show it to him, but not to the rest of the uses. Then you need to work on a local server, upload it to the development server. And then show it to the customer for approval.

Case 4

You are working on the client's website. He wants several versions to preview before he approves those changes and chooses one. You will need to work on several installations. Then you need to work on a local server, upload it to the development server. And then show it to the customer for approval.

Instead of all that, it's much better to do this

Install Sandbox for Oxygen builder. Active sandbox mode. Save a ton of time and work directly on the live website without the fear that anyone can see the changes. Share isolated changes with the secret link. After it's approved merge those changes with 1 click.

What Sandbox is not isolating?

Everything that you are not editing inside Oxygen Builder:

  • WordPress Content or Gugenberg
  • WordPress Excerpt field
  • Meta fields ( ACF, Metabox, Etc... )

Permaslug Review for Sandbox

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