Swiss Knife Changelog


  • Theme - Conditions dynamic data was missing coloring
  • Theme - Widget settings in the left sidebar was missing coloring
  • Swiss Knife Light Code Editor Theme - Color bug on autocomplete
  • Code Editor Light Themes - Highlighted bracket was white same as the background
  • Fixed compatibility with OxyNinja class lock feature
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  • Resolved incompatibility with a script from Matt Hias for custom fonts. Disable the Font Manager feature if you want to use his script.
  • Resolved Undefined offset: 2 on line 502
  • Resolved Undefined offset: 3 on line 503
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  • Fixed issue of endless loading on some servers
  • Added option to Enable/Disable font files upload. it was always enabled before.

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  • Angular error on some server settings that was causing an endless loading screen
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  • Fixed upload media
  • Upload font icon was misaligned
  • Font Manager CSS file is moved outside of the Swiss Knife to Uploads > swiss-knife. Users were losing settings if they needed to manually update the plugin. Keep in mind that you will need to go to SwissKnige > Font Manager and Click save to regenerate CSS

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  • Scripts Manager
  • Import Multiple Classes
  • 10 new CodeEditor themes

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  • CodeHint AutoComplete Color change based on the theme Color
  • Fixed if there is no Font Family created CSS file will not be included
  • Fixed structure closed main not expanded
  • Font manager: Added field validation. It was possible to create Font Face with blank file paths
  • Font manager: Added field validation. It was possible to create Font Family with a blank name
  • When breakpoints are expanded it was overlapping conditions dropdown
  • Fixed license expired due to conflict with some plugins that are also using EDD
  • Admin UI new design: Font manager
  • Admin UI new design: Features
  • Reduced number of CSS files (merged variable files with theme.css )
  • The default theme is not using any styling anymore
  • Minified CodeHint Code by 50%
  • Changed Debug loaded class to swk-debug-loaded ( conflict with some plugins )

  • Moved from fixed wide structure on hover to custom width
  • Disable Admin bar for non-Admin Users
  • Open Wp Admin and Preview in new tab

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  • Font Manager
  • Code Hint ( Autocomplete )
  • Expanded breakpoint dropdown
  • Added Theme with Oxygen Default Colors


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  • Renamed Assign shortcodes to Sign Shortcodes
  • Backend polishing (Renamed EDD_Plugin to SWISS_KNIFE )
  • All database tables should have swiss_knife_ prefix
  • After you delete the plugin all data from the database will be removed
  • Buttons with action color have more contrast
  • Updated action blue to a darker one
  • Checkbox image not showing
  • Conflict with a toolbox. Thanks to Sridhar. He added class when toolbox is active to easier styling
  • Deleted .git file that was 1.3MB. Now Swiss knife is less the 150kb zipped
  • Renamed License subpage  to License & Support
  • License & Support got useful links to:
    • Website admin area to view the license, invoice, and download files
    • Support page
    • Facebook group
    • Newsletter

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  • Fixed duplicated icons inside a repeater and slider
  • Fixed icons load time
  • Fixed compatibility with other EDD plugins
  • Fixed EDD updater with latest EDD version
  • Completely restructured plugin for future faster updates
  • In Admin area changed from tabs to subpages as more features are coming
  • Minified JS and CSS files for faster loading
  • Redesigned admin pages
  • Wide Structure tree is on hover to be useful for smaller screens as well

  • In Admin area added subpage for a quick link to assign shortcodes

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  • Dark and Light theme
  • Faster Top bar
  • Structure icons
  • Wide structure width
  • Debug

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