DevKit 1.2.0

Thumbnails Manager

Clean up Images by size

With the new feature you can clean up your website from unwanted image sizes.

Why would you want to do that?

  • Clean up image sizes before you unregister thumbnail sizes.
  • Clean up all images except original before you want to make a backup
devkit thumbnails manager

Register New Thumbnail sizes

We can also help you register new sizes on the fly and test your website with them.

Export Thumbnail sizes

If you want to disable or remove DevKit in production you can copy registered image sizes PHP code snippet and paste into Theme, Plugin or code manager such as Scripts Organizer.

devkit thumbnails manager code

Error Log Updates

Not you can define your our custom path and log file name for your error logs.

Its located under Settings / Debug

screenshot 2024 03 22 at 17.27.07