• Hoster GitHub Integration

    Hoster GitHub Integration

    WP Self Hoster introduces GitHub Authentication, enabling access to and serving of private repositories. Once you connect your account and grant access, you will get a dropdown to choose your repository. After selecting the repository, you will automatically receive the release zip and plugin version. Not Connected Connected Main Template code improvements Release Template improvements…

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  • DevKit 1.2.3 & Granular Reset

    DevKit 1.2.3 & Granular Reset

    Today, I’m excited to share the latest feature in our DevKit: the Granular Reset Tool. What is the Granular Reset Tool? The Granular Reset Tool allows you to safeguard specific WP options, so they remain unchanged even after a reset. This feature is incredibly useful for developers who have numerous plugins installed with activated licenses…

  • new Block Category & better code formatting

    new Block Category & better code formatting

    Gutenberg Studio block category that you can also rename as you need. Every Block can be assigned to the new category It will be displayed as first group once you click add new block inside the editor Better Code formatting With Prettier for CSS, SCSS, JS and HTML Use CTRL (⌘) + P Shortcut to…

  • Generate Press and Generate Blocks Font Hero Integration

    Generate Press and Generate Blocks Font Hero Integration

    GeneratePress Integration Font Manager You can add Font Hero registered font into GeneratePress System. Typography Manager You can use Font Hero registered font with global selector GenerateBlcoks Integration You can find registered fonts under GeneratePress Blocks Typography settings. For detailed info

  • Winden Style Gallery

    Winden Style Gallery

    The best to learn is to see it. Style guide will be visible with default tailwind config and will be updated as you change config file. That will give you clear visual representation of what is included and how it will behave.

  • Custom Links in WordPress Dashboard

    Custom Links in WordPress Dashboard

    You can now create new custom menu links inside the dashboard and optimise experience for you or your users. Menu item option Icon Picker Instead of searching correct dashicon names you can do it with icons picker. or you can paste your own SVG Code Sub Items Custom menu icons can also include sub-icons to…

  • Winden 2.0.3 Big update under the hood

    Winden 2.0.3 Big update under the hood

    Autocomplete now native for visual builders inside Winden. You only need to enable them in the settings sections. Custom Autocomplete in the code editor Custom Autocomplete in Monaco “Styles Tab” will reflect your settings from the Config. You will get same autocomplete values as you get in the plain classes. Improvements under the hood We…

  • WP Admin Cleaner 1.7

    WP Admin Cleaner 1.7

    Menu order per role Before it was for current user only. This feature allows you to customize menu orders for different roles such as Admins, Editors, Customers, or Users. Rather than instructing each individual on how to customize their menu, you can now set it up for them according to their user role. Hide top…

  • Winden Autoprefixer

    Winden Autoprefixer

    Tailwind as framework is free , but what you are paying with Winden is optimisation and integration. With tailwind we are removing every repetition and making the best optimisation for the playground (CDN) and also production. server update brings Autoprefixer by the default Why do you need autoprefixer? Using Autoprefixer with Tailwind CSS can seem…

  • DevKit File Manager Download

    DevKit File Manager Download

    Pressing the right click will get you app experience where you can get extra features. With the latest update we improved contextual menu Download We’ve optimized it so well that it can think for you. You can download any file, whether zipped or unzipped. Additionally, you can download folders too. It will first compress the…

  • Free Winden Version

    Free Winden Version

    We are releasing FREE version of Winden called Winden Playground. We want to spread the tailwind and utility class ideology. For users to be able to learn it then need to practice and explore it on their own. plain classes Winden Playground will by the default include autocomplete for visual builders: Style Guide The best…

  • DevKit 1.2.0

    DevKit 1.2.0

    Thumbnails Manager Clean up Images by size With the new feature you can clean up your website from unwanted image sizes. Why would you want to do that? Register New Thumbnail sizes We can also help you register new sizes on the fly and test your website with them. Export Thumbnail sizes If you want…

  • Font Hero 2.1.0

    Font Hero 2.1.0

    The most important is the we fixed new WordPress 6.4 logic and we removed Gutenberg Dependency. You do not need to install the Gutenberg anymore to see the fonts in FSE Block themes. New location. it’s moved from Tools to Appearance. Disable Fonts instead of delete them You will have now toggle to disable them.…