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Black Friday Deal 30% Off

Valid until 25th November (23:59 – GMT+0000) I know that many users waited for Black Friday so we are making the last one before summer vacation. Use the “BLACKPLUGINS” discount code for 30% off for all our plugins This one will last until 25th November (23:59 – GMT+0000). If you miss this one, PLEASE don’t write on the […]

Marko Krstić

November 25, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute


Winden 1.2.0 – Completely new look for better experience

New UI/UX We have split the page into three tabs with focusing now on the CSS as the main feature. Second one is the Tailwind Configuration because from time to time you will go there and update something. And we moved plug-in settings into the third tab there you will usually just set up something […]

Marko Krstić

November 9, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

acf gutenberg extension for scripts organizer

SCORG 3.4.3 & Gutenberg Add-on 1.2.0 updates

Live Reload for SCSS Partials Till now, only SAVE from Code Block had live reloaded.From version 3.4.3, if you include partial and if you CHANGE and SAVE something in SCSS Partial, live-reload (hot reload) will be triggered, and you will see changes in Builders and Frontend of the website. Gutenberg Add on got better organisation […]

Marko Krstić

November 5, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

scripts organizer code examples

Scripts Organizer Conditions explained with Code Examples

Instead of bloating experienced users with predefined Code Blocks, we already have the Export/Import feature. We decided to make it on JSON export. Everyone who needs to study code examples can import them and not be bothered after each new installation. Trigger location: Everywhere This will trigger before everything. Equivalent to this is INIT or Function.php […]

Marko Krstić

November 3, 2022 – Read time: 5 minutes

acf gutenberg extension for scripts organizer

Scripts Organizer – ACF Gutenberg Addon Update 1.1.1

The latest update is small and it’s about compatibility with latest ACF Pro 6.x.x In case you still not familiar with this plugin please take a look at our intro video.

Marko Krstić

September 28, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

scripts organizer 3.4.2

Scripts Organizer 3.4.2 – CSS Variable Picker Hotfix and Clean list

The latest update brings a bug fix for the variable picker. Thanks to users who found edge cases with some of the premium WordPress themes and provided us with the WordPress setup so we could fix them. You also need fewer steps to load CSS variables now since you do notneed to reload the code […]

Marko Krstić

September 22, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

scripts organizer 3.4.1

Scripts Organizer 3.4.1 – CSS Variable Picker

CSS Variable Picker feature will allow you to get a list of entire variables on the page and insert them with just one click. Besides the list, you will get a search field to narrow down your wish list quickly. CSS Variable picker works with CSS and SCSS files regardless if you enable the option […]

Marko Krstić

September 19, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute


Collaboration LTD opportunity until August 18th

We are making big excuses to promote LTD since Joshua, our lead developer of the Collaboration plugin, is from Indonesia. While the offer is still available, purchase LTD or upgrade from a yearly licence to LTD LTD is only available until August 18th. On the 18th, we will close it during the day, so please […]

Marko Krstić

August 13, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

scripts organizer 3.4.0

Scripts Organizer 3.4.0. Live Reload without Page Reload & Scripts Priority

Search inside Code Block, Partials and Gutenberg Elements list Managing code blocks can be tricky. And quick access to them is even more challenging. That’s why we have introduced several UX improvements. Besides filtering by category, you can search them by Title or ID. Add Code Block, Partials, and Gutenberg Elements from one location “+Add […]

Marko Krstić

August 11, 2022 – Read time: 2 minutes


Winden 1.0.15 product updates and LTD Option is active

Builders Support The new update pushes the Winden outside of just the Oxygen extension. You can now build websites with bricks or even with only Gutenberg. Besides Builders, it has full Scripts Organizer support for Gutenberg add on or shortcodes. Purchase options When we released it, we allowed early adopters to have Lifetime Deal Licenses. […]

Marko Krstić

August 9, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute