• Font Hero 2.1.0

    Font Hero 2.1.0

    The most important is the we fixed new WordPress 6.4 logic and we removed Gutenberg Dependency. You do not need to install the Gutenberg anymore to see the fonts in FSE Block themes. New location. it’s moved from Tools to Appearance. Disable Fonts instead of delete them You will have now toggle to disable them.…

  • DevKit Pro 1.1.2 Releaes

    DevKit Pro 1.1.2 Releaes

    this release was focused on Files Manager stability, Performance and UX improvements and of course on bug fixes

  • DevKit Pro 1.1.0

    DevKit Pro 1.1.0

    Files Manager Create File and Folder Once you press one of those two buttons, you will be prompted with a modal to enter a name. Upload zip Will open a modal where you can drag and drop a ZIP file. File Edit Mode Once you click on the file, it will open in a new…

  • Scripts Organizer ACF Blocks has now become “Gutenberg Studio.”

    Scripts Organizer ACF Blocks has now become “Gutenberg Studio.”

    We’ve made this change to be more straightforward and memorable.A significant concern arose when the ACF company changed their terms, restricting the display of fields. This modification impacts the original purchase agreement, diminishing the value of the developer license.In response, ACF encourages users to buy ACF Pro, now available with a 40% discount We’ve made…

  • Adobe Fonts inside Font Hero

    Adobe Fonts inside Font Hero

    In this tutorial we are showing you how to create fonts collection inside Adobe Fonts and how to import fonts from Adobe Fonts into Font Hero This is Font Hero 2.0.3 Update

  • Scripts Organizer 3.5.8

    Scripts Organizer 3.5.8

    Updates Added Active Class From now on, instead of hiding the current code block, it will be displayed in the list as a highlighted item. Regenerate hook to use in other plugins Code example:

  • Swiss Knife Oxygen 4.3.3

    Swiss Knife Oxygen 4.3.3

    We are happy to announce that we have fixed bugs caused by the CodeMirror change on the Oxygen Builder side. Oxygen Builder switched from CodeMirror 5 to version 6, which resulted in several broken features since we reuse Oxygen resources and avoid loading duplicates.”

  • Scripts Organizer 3.5.6

    Scripts Organizer 3.5.6

    Visual updates that make life easier. From Scripts Organizer 3.5.6 it will be easy to understand what types of scripts you have inside your Code Blocks. We have added Text + Icons in the admin area and Icons only in the code blocks list since we are limited with space there. New hooks We have…

  • WP Admin Cleaner Gets Even More Awesome! 🔥

    WP Admin Cleaner Gets Even More Awesome! 🔥

    We’re excited to share some fantastic news with our DPlugins community! We’ve just released version 1.6.0 of our plugin, and it comes packed with a bunch of exciting features that you’ve been asking for. But that’s not all – we’ve been working hard to make things even better and have continued to refine the plugin…

  • Gutenberg Block classes autocomplete

    Gutenberg Block classes autocomplete

    🚀 Introducing AutoComplete for Gutenberg Blocks! Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering class names and the frustration of typo errors! We’re thrilled to announce the latest feature in our Gutenberg editor: AutoComplete for Gutenberg Blocks. This groundbreaking update takes the guesswork out of adding classes to your blocks, making your workflow smoother and more…

  • Free Migration from Oxy Font Manager to Font Hero

    Free Migration from Oxy Font Manager to Font Hero

    Note: Do not delete Oxy Font Manager until you do migration to the Font Hero We are excited to announce some significant changes to our plugin portfolio after careful consideration of our vision, focus, and user feedback. In this blog post, we will outline two major updates: the sunset of two plugins, Asura and Sandbox,…

  • Simplify Your CSS/SCSS Workflow with Script Organizer’s New Import Feature

    Simplify Your CSS/SCSS Workflow with Script Organizer’s New Import Feature

    In the world of web development, managing CSS and SCSS files efficiently is crucial for maintaining organized and streamlined code. With the latest update to Script Organizer, we introduce an exciting new feature that allows you to easily import your CSS/SCSS partials into our plugin. This feature comes in handy, especially when working with older…

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