Font Hero 2.1.0

The most important is the we fixed new WordPress 6.4 logic and we removed Gutenberg Dependency. You do not need to install the Gutenberg anymore to see the fonts in FSE Block themes.

New location. it’s moved from Tools to Appearance.

Disable Fonts instead of delete them

You will have now toggle to disable them.

font hero disable font faimly and font face

Disable Theme Fonts

font hero before overwrite theme json

Before Overwrite

font hero after overwrite theme json

After Overwrite

Font ORDER for Font Priority

is important in HTML and CSS loading because it directly impacts the visual consistency, performance, user experience, and accessibility of a web page. By carefully managing the order in which fonts are loaded and ensuring timely display of text content, developers can create a seamless and engaging browsing experience for users.

font hero font priority