Scripts Organizer 3.5.8


  • Regenerate hook to use in other plugins
  • Added current class on list inside edit screen
  • Script type class fix
  • Bug fix for save
  • Script type icon
  • More hooks added in everywhere (login_header, login_footer, admin_init)

Added Active Class

From now on, instead of hiding the current code block, it will be displayed in the list as a highlighted item.

screenshot 2023 11 13 at 15.14.24

Regenerate hook to use in other plugins

Code example:

    * function has three paramters
    * $post_id, $code_file_url, $extension
    * $post_id will have saved code block ID in it
    * $code_file_url will have complete URL to the generated file
    * $extnesion will have type of file like scss, css, js
    function override_SCORG_generated_file_url($post_id, $code_file_url, $extension)

        // write your code here

    add_action('SCORG_generated_file_url', 'override_SCORG_generated_file_url', 10, 3);