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  • Oxygen Bare Minimum Theme

    Oxygen Bare Minimum Theme

    If you are working with Oxygen you know that disable themes, but you still need to deal with update messages from the themes. Thats why I created Oxygen Bare Minimum Theme that does not need any effort. Theme is not branded by dPlugins and you can use it for free without any connection with us.…

  • WP Admin Cleaner 1.3.0 – New UI

    WP Admin Cleaner 1.3.0 – New UI

    With latest release we updated Settings tab UI and UX The check boxes have been replaced with a hidden eye icon that indicates whether an item is shown or hidden. They are now larger and easier to hit. The content of the Settings tab is unified and now have the same card format as the…

  • Scripts Organizer 3.2

    Scripts Organizer 3.2

    Conditional Tags We opened new world with conditions. Now is finally possible to use WP Conditional Tags and target scripts where you need them. Under Template we added new option “Custom”. That will open input field where you can write conditional tags. For more are about conditional tags use WordPress Developer Handbook. Examples: is_404() is_archive(‘term-slug’)…

  • WP Admin Cleaner 1.2.0 – WordPress Dark Theme

    WP Admin Cleaner 1.2.0 – WordPress Dark Theme

    For night owls and developers that are using dark themes in other applications, we are bringing dark theme in WordPress admin. The idea is to save their eyes from constantly switching between dark and light theme (WordPress default).  The entire theme is only 3kb and will have no impact on admin performance. Theme is loaded only inside…

  • Scripts Organizer 3.1.0 Live preview and Exclude conditions

    Scripts Organizer 3.1.0 Live preview and Exclude conditions

    Live preview No need to have the website in a new tab and constantly reload the browser to see the changes. The preview feature is automatically included inside Code Block and SCSS Partial. You don’t need to activate anything under Scripts Organizer > Features. Activate preview it with Preview button located under the right part…

  • Swiss Knife 2.0.1 Hotfix for Oxygen 3.8.1

    Swiss Knife 2.0.1 Hotfix for Oxygen 3.8.1

    This fix is for Oxygen 3.8.1 and bellow Activate Fix You need to go to the Features and enable Oxygen 3.8 Fixes. Missing drag handles inside structure panel. In Oxygen 3.9 you don’t need drag handles anymore. You can grab elements without them from whatever part of the element you want. That’s why we removed…

  • Swiss Knife 2.0

    Swiss Knife 2.0

    Optimized for Oxygen 3.9 > Performance Update More features, less code. Swiss knife 2.0 code is refactored, and it is lightweight as it can be. Class Manager Class Lock and Insert classes are merged into one are located above select classes. Class lock is polished in backend and frontend Insert Classes is updated with the…

  • Scripts Organizer 3.0 Released

    Scripts Organizer 3.0 Released

    Admin Columns update Zebra stripes are removed and active raws are now coloured with blueish background and blue line on the left. Completely new UI for the Code Editor Inspiration for a design is from the Visuals Studio Code and Gutenberg. We took visual studio code is inspiration since we are using the same editor…

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