Oxygen Bare Minimum Theme

If you are working with Oxygen you know that disable themes, but you still need to deal with update messages from the themes.

Thats why I created Oxygen Bare Minimum Theme that does not need any effort.

Theme is not branded by dPlugins and you can use it for free without any connection with us.

Theme is light and only 10kb with the screenshoot.png

screenshot 2022 01 30 at 16.07.11

If there is problem with Oxygen you will get blank not branded page with the message:

Your Oxygen Builder is not active.

screenshot 2022 01 30 at 16.23.33

Edit theme

screenshot 2022 01 30 at 16.39.53
Edit index.php to change the message

screenshot 2022 01 30 at 16.40.02
Edit style.css to change colors