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Swiss Knife 4.1.0 Stable. Convert any HTML element to Oxygen Element

Paste feature is now expanded and you don’t need to do anything under the settings page.  If you copy any HTML element and paste it inside Oxygen builder, it will be converted to Oxygen elements. Any attached class that the element has, will be added. Any HTML tag that element has will be applied inside […]

Marko Krstić

July 18, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

plain classes migrate

Plain Classes Migrate to the Oxygen Builder Class system and back

Due to patching requirements, you probably don’t want to have the Plain Classes plugin on the website once you deliver it to the client. Also if you installed the Plain Classes plug-in in the middle of the project you don’t want to end up with half of the classes in the oxygen class system and […]


July 13, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

winden bricks

Winden for Brick Alpha. Tailwind integration for Bricks Builder

Oxywind is rebranded to Winden as it will support all major builders now and not only Oxygen. First step is Bricks builder. What is Winden? Winden is WordPress plugin that will include and compile (JIT) Tailwind in your local host or directly on your server. This is not just CDN, this is production ready Tailwind […]

Marko Krstić

July 5, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

3 clicks website

Swiss Knife 4.1.0. Revolution Just Begun for Oxygen

Version 4.1.0 is bringing you the feature to convert any HTML page to Oxygen Builder as native Oxygen elements. Just copy HTML and Paste it as any other oxygen elements with Shortcut, Topbar icon or Right Click. This is going to be real time saver in your journey to build websites. Imagine the possibilities. You […]

Marko Krstić

July 4, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute


Winden. Oxywind Rebranded

As you probably heard Oxywind will be expanded to entire WordPress ecosystem and it will not be Oxygen builder specific plugin. Plan is to expand it to Bricks, Zion, Gutenberg … To clear up the confusion we will rebrand Oxywind and call it Winden. Anyone who bought or buy Oxywind will get Winden without any […]

Marko Krstić

June 29, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

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Oxywind LTD is ending on 28th June

We are moving sales to yearly recruitment.Everyone who buys Oxywind before28th June 2022 will keep LTD. Why is this happening? Oxywind has been rebuilt from the ground up and JIT has been moved to GitHub Enterprise, which is a monthly subscription. GitHub is bringing better stability and speed. Additionally, we plan to work on educational […]

Marko Krstić

June 27, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

swiss knife 4.0 in depth review

Swiss Knife 4.0

We have rebuild Swiss Knife to be fully compatible with Oxygen 4.0 and Recoda. In depth review New features introduced in Swiss Knife 4.0.0 Features Lorem Ipsum generator Random Unsplash Images Class manager (and merged lock class to this feature) Advanced Settings tabs on the left side Bigger Padding and Margin boxes When you are […]

Marko Krstić

June 20, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute

autocomplete copy

Plain Classes Release

Faster and better way to write classes in Oxygen Builder. Experience native code editor class manipulation. Key Features Name classes without a limit on oxygen The Oxygen class selector only accepts A-Z characters. Once your naming becomes mature and you want to use “: / @” then Oxygen limits you. The Plain Classes plugin allows […]

Marko Krstić

– Read time: 1 minute

Scripts Organizer 3.3

SCSS Source Maps If you are using SCSS Partials this is we important update for you. Go to Scripts Organizer > Features and enable “Create a SCSS Source Map”. Creating source maps gives you the ability to see where partial code is coming from. Before you got only a link to 4-header.css inside the development […]

Marko Krstić

April 14, 2022 – Read time: 2 minutes

wp admin cleaner

WP Admin Cleaner 1.4.0 – Reorder menu items

Put things in order and focus on what you need. We added a 3rd tab under WP Admin Cleaner: Menu Order. All menu items have a drag-and-drop feature and their icons for easier preview. At this point only top lever items are available for sorting.

Marko Krstić

February 11, 2022 – Read time: 1 minute