Scripts Organizer 3.4.5 & Gutenberg Block 1.2.1

Scripts Manager • Feature update.

In the past, If you ran into a script loading problem, it was a pain to sort it out. Sometimes if scripts have dependencies, they need to be loaded in exact order.
Before version 3.4.5, you would need to delete them and then register them again in the order you need.
We introduced a simple sorting feature with just drag and drop. On the left side, you can see 3 bards that you can click and drag.
The order in the list will also be the order on your front end. After you finish the order, hit save and enjoy.

screenshot 2022 12 19 at 12.40.22
screenshot 2022 12 19 at 12.43.37

Bulk Enable & Disable

Countless times we been in the situation where you quickly need to disable and then enable code blocks. Doing one by one is definitely time consuming. Now you select one by one or entire row and apply bulk.

screenshot 2022 12 19 at 12.47.12

Quick Note: If you are assigning tags to the code blocks you can click on the tag to filter blocks and then disable and enable with bulk action.

scorg enable disable

The Metabox update was breaking “Code Block”settings styles

For Scripts Organizer, we are using the Metabox plugin as our custom field. They were changing the HTML structure or their elements, so CSS needed to be properly targeted.
Why is this happening? Even if we included Metabox in our plugin, we want you to have the latest version of Metabox. We are checking if you have Metabox, and then you will use the latest installed; otherwise, we fall back to the one we provided.

screenshot 2022 12 19 at 13.21.57

Broken Version

screenshot 2022 12 19 at 13.21.50

Fixed Version

Tags will be included in export and import

If you want to reuse Code Blocks or the Gutenberg block you probably have your own tags added as well. From now on once you export and import them tags will be included in JSON file and will be applied on new websites import.