Scripts Organizer 3.5.6

Visual updates that make life easier.

From Scripts Organizer 3.5.6 it will be easy to understand what types of scripts you have inside your Code Blocks. We have added Text + Icons in the admin area and Icons only in the code blocks list since we are limited with space there.

screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.27.33
screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.27.48
screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.33.15

New hooks

We have added a hook after Scripts Organizer files (SCSS, CSS, JS) are generated “SCORG_generated_file_url”

Code Example

* function has three parameters
* $post_id, $code_file_url, $extension
* $post_id will have a saved code block ID in it
* $code_file_url will have a complete URL to the generated file
* $ extension will have a type of file like SCSS, CSS, JS
function override_SCORG_generated_file_url($post_id, $code_file_url, $extension){
    // write your code here
add_action( 'SCORG_generated_file_url', 'override_SCORG_generated_file_url', 10, 3 );

Color picker fixes and improvements

Fixed compatibility with Elementor, Bricks, and Oxygen. Also when you have OxyProps there are a lot of colors and in that case, we introduced a scroll inside the color picker. It was cut off.

screenshot 2023 08 23 at 12.48.09

PHP library update for SCSS compile

The library brought a couple of bug fixes and improvements so it was worth updating. We bumped to the latest 1.11.0.

General Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a notice that was coming because of Bricks Builder theme colors.
  • The license will be removed once the deactivate button is clicked
  • Now No need to reload the page after saving of code block or partial on the first save
  • Bug fix for post types list as some post types registered by third-party plugins were not showing
  • Admin typo fix for the Published status