Swiss Knife 4.1.0 Stable. Convert any HTML element to Oxygen Element

Paste feature is now expanded and you don’t need to do anything under the settings page. 

If you copy any HTML element and paste it inside Oxygen builder, it will be converted to Oxygen elements. Any attached class that the element has, will be added. Any HTML tag that element has will be applied inside Oxygen builder.

Now you are not limited to only design sets that are inside oxygen ecosystem. You can use any free or premium HTML design set and convert it to Oxygen with single paste. 

We are fully compatible with Tailwind so If you are owning Winden you can use any free or premium design. 

In video bellow we are showing how to add Bootstrap and Tailwind components. 

And the last if someone give you string [text code] from Hydrogen you can paste it with Swiss Knife without any need to install Hydrogen on your website.