Plain Classes Release

Faster and better way to write classes in Oxygen Builder. Experience native code editor class manipulation.

Key Features

faster adding classes

Name classes without a limit on oxygen

The Oxygen class selector only accepts A-Z characters. Once your naming becomes mature and you want to use ": / @" then Oxygen limits you. The Plain Classes plugin allows you to bypass these limitations.

autocomplete copy

Faster typing, better preview

With edits on the fly, editing classes has never been faster. Just start typing and autocomplete will appear. Simply replace one letter to change margin-s to margin-m without needing to search class again. It's quick and easy.

Was this in Oxywind?

Yes. The logic behind decision to detach it was made due to technical restrictions. Plain Classes requires Oxygen patch. This decision made Oxywind patch free plugin.

I bought it with Oxywind can I get it?

If you purchased Oxywind before Jun 26th 2022, simply do next steps:

  1. Login to our shop
  2. Click purchase Plain Classes
  3. In the checkout page discount code will be automatically applied and you will pay $0 for it.