Scripts Organizer ACF Blocks has now become “Gutenberg Studio.”

We’ve made this change to be more straightforward and memorable.
A significant concern arose when the ACF company changed their terms, restricting the display of fields. This modification impacts the original purchase agreement, diminishing the value of the developer license.
In response, ACF encourages users to buy ACF Pro, now available with a 40% discount

We’ve made several changes

  • We’ve removed all ACF references, renaming “custom fields” to “dynamic fields.”
  • The ACF Menu is no longer accessible. To use pro fields on posts, pages, or for custom posts and taxonomies, ACF Pro is required.

For block creators, the following applies:

  • A comprehensive range of dynamic fields, including galleries and repeaters, is still available.
  • These fields are manageable through our plugin UI and can be assigned to blocks. Assigning them to posts and pages is exclusive to ACF Pro.

Accessing dynamic fields

To access the custom fields, you need to open a block and:

  1. Click on Preview
  2. Click on Fields

Once you follow these steps, you will be able to manage fields for your blocks.

The reason for Creating Gutenberg Studio
(ACF Blocks add-on)

Many WordPress developers haven’t transitioned from PHP to React. Gutenberg Studio, with ACF in the background, allows block creation without React or JavaScript. It eliminates the need for a compilation process involving Node.js, whether on a local computer or a server.

Check one of the videos on how it’s easy to craete a block with Gutenberg Studio

YouTube Video Placeholder

Moving forward

We will not remove ACF from beneath the hood, as doing so would disrupt our users’ work. We will maintain it, but cannot update it beyond version 6.3. Nevertheless, we will follow up if any security issues arise, ensuring your safety.

Predicting the future when your business depends on another is challenging. Nonetheless, we are committed to pushing forward. We’re exploring alternative meta solutions and considering building our own.Rest assured, Gutenberg Studio is here to stay.

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