new Block Category & better code formatting

Gutenberg Studio block category

that you can also rename as you need.

screenshot 2024 05 20 at 21.10.24

Every Block can be assigned to the new category

screenshot 2024 05 20 at 21.11.30

It will be displayed as first group once you click add new block inside the editor

screenshot 2024 05 20 at 21.31.33 1

Better Code formatting With Prettier for CSS, SCSS, JS and HTML

Use CTRL () + P Shortcut to format code.

Hide Scripts Organizer
from WordPress Menu & Plugins list

By activating this feature Scripts Organizer will be removed from WordPress menu and also from the plugin list so no one can see it or access it.

  1. You can activate this under Scripts Oganizer > Features.
  2. Get access link to deactivate feature.

Since this will effect everyone even current user you can access Script Organizer by accessing secret link: YOURWEBSITEURL/wp-admin/?scorg_hide=no

You need to be logged in and be admin to access Scripts Organizer again.