DevKit Pro

Developers little helper.

This is a perfect tool when you’re helping clients or developing your own websites. No more FTP, cPanel, and other systems to update multiple plugins or quickly access error logs.

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This feature is compatible with every theme or plugin!

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bricks builder
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UplOAd Multiple themes

Similar to plugins, you can upload both the main theme and its child theme with just a single drag and drop action.

Overwrite themes

You can now work on theme files locally and overwrite them without the need to disable, delete, and upload a new one.

Download theme

Is your theme based on SCSS? You can easily download it, update, compile, and then upload it back with just a few clicks.

RESET! Get a clean slate
with WordPress,

just like on a fresh install.

And of course we made it granular as well.

  • Reset database with option to choose users who to keep
  • Delete content (Post, Pages, Comments, Terms, Taxonomies)
  • Empty /wp-content/
  • Delete plugins (except Devkit)
  • Delete themes
devkit reset
devkit server

System info

You can quickly check the system information to understand if any of your plugins or tasks are failing due to incompatibility.

  • Upload limit
  • CRON Job
  • PHP Version
  • Error log location
  • Server type
  • Server memory limit
  • WordPress memory limit
devkit debug

Debug options

If something is not working properly on your website, you can enable error messages without modifying the WordPress configuration file.

  • Hide Dev-kit from plugins list
  • Enable debug
  • Create log file at /wp-content/debug.log
  • Display error messages
  • Enable JS errors
  • Save queries in global $wpdb-queries array.
devkit error log

Read error log

The error log is hidden on the server and its location can vary depending on your server setup. We’ve made it easy for you: there’s no need for FTP setup or wasting time trying to find it. It’s right in your dashboard. And if it becomes too long, you can always hit the ‘clear’ button to reset it.


The Devkit Database Manager is powered by a much lighter solution.

AdminerEvo is a lightweight, single PHP file solution. It is secure and well-maintained. Even LocalWP has transitioned to this solution, so we feel comfortable doing the same. For this project we decided to make custom Adminer theme.

devkit database

Simple pricing

One price to use it forever on every website.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Probably you will never need this with our awesome products but here it is just in case. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 14 days of purchase, you’re more than welcome to get a full refund!

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