Self Hoster

Launch plugin updates from a private location.

Are you tired of the lengthy process of hosting plugins on WordPress.org? Or perhaps you need to self-host plugins for your clients’ websites. We have a simple solution for you. Our Self Hoster WordPress Plugin allows you to manage and launch plugin updates from a private location.


14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Secured Payments Stripe and PayPal

+ 30 000 Happy Users

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Your Plugin, Your rules!

WP.org plugins hosting comes with a ton of limitations.

You are not allowed to include anything from a CDN, which makes plugins much heavier. You can only upload certain types of plugins, and you must include a src folder. They can even remove your plugin, even if you follow the guidelines. The list of restrictions goes on and on.

For your Privacy

Not every plugin is for WP.org

Sometimes you have your own projects or clients’ projects that you do not want to share with the world, but you need them in several places with one source of truth and a single location where you can update them all with a single click.

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Works with GitHub

Since your code is already there, why take extra steps?

If you add your user and repository, we can automatically fetch the latest release .zip and plugin version. You only need to write your changelog and press update.

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generated templateS

Once you create your download or multiple downloads, you will get the option to choose it. Based on your download details, we will generate template files with unique prefixes for that specific download (plugin).

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GitHub Actions

If you are a GitHub lover, we have something special for you. Similar to the plugin template, we will create a crafted YAML action tailored for your selected plugin. This action will download npm dependencies, build the plugin, and clean up to provide you with a production-ready zip file.

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Lightweight Solution

We are taking a different approach from others. Instead of checking the database, we will create a static file that sends information to your plugins. This will reduce stress on your WordPress site and server.

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/ One payment

Single Licence

  • 1 License Activations
  • LTD Plugin Update
  • LTD Priority Support
  • All Features Included

The licence limit applies to the “Hoster” plugin license itself. It can be activated on up to 199 different domains, on which you can host as many plugins as you need without limitation.