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Plain Classes is a tool that allows you to input plain classes on the Oxygen editor and bypass the Oxygen selector system. You will have no empty CSS classes rule just to use the external CSS.

Autocomplete Support: Winden, Automatic CSS, OxyMade, Oxygen Selector System.

plain classes oxygen

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Fixed Oxygen Class name limitations

If you’ve ever needed to use Tailwind or any other framework that uses special characters, such as 2xl, md:, w-[1/2], or bg-[#123123], we have a solution for you. Once you activate plain classes, these limitations will be removed.

Frameworks Integration

This plugin is compatible with every major framework

oxygen builder

Oxygen Classes


Winden 1.x


Winden 2.x

oxy ninja

Oxy Njinja

oxy made

Oxy Made



core framework

Core (Soon)

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