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WP Admin cleaner is a small but powerful plugin that you should have in your toolset. It is easy to use and quick to set up.

Toggle sidebar elements, admin styles, login style and functions, custom dashboard, functions just go on and on.

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I’ve covered this in multiple videos in the past, but one of the things I’ve always been mindful of is that not everybody wants to use things like Elementor, Bricks Builder, and so on. Some of us only want to use Gutenberg, and we haven’t really been able to create custom dashboards with that. Well, today we’re going to take a look at one little plugin that allows us to do exactly that.

Focus on what matters

WordPress menus can easily become bloated. We can help!

We’ve made it quite easy with a single click. If you want more granular control, you can expand the menu item and toggle the visibility of submenu items as well.

wp admin cleaner settings 2
wp admin cleaner hide menu items 1

Only on the market

To allow you to hide WP Admin menu per Current user

Now every admin can hide what he don’t need. You can have developer and designer as admins and one can be focused on content and other can be focused on plugin updates, custom fields and code editor plugins.

There is no reason that both admin need to see all those options. They can just focus now on their needs. And the best part is they can hide if for them selfs. No need to ask developer every time to hide it for you every time new plugin is installed.

wp admin cleaner per role

Hide per role

Craft what your editors, customers or subscribers need to see or access.

wp admin cleaner re order

menu Order

Change menu order to make priority and get faster access to what you need.

wp admin cleaner hide plugins

Hide plugins

Hide some plugins when you delivering website to your clients or from other admins.

wp admin cleaner manage

You set up the rules.

Choose Who Manages the Settings

We have introduced super admin role that can overwrite other admins. By default in WordPress that is the first user. For security reasons many deleting it as well.

That is why we have introduced option to choose from the admin dropdown menu who is your super admin who can overwrite other admins.

Custom WordPress Dashboard

This feature is compatible with every theme or plugin!

gutenberg editor
bricks builder
oxygen builder
classic editor

Craft a custom dashboard for your clients to provide a unique experience. You can create tutorials, documentation, and contact forms that match the front-end style of your website, ensuring a cohesive and branded user experience.

You can configure custom dashboards for each user role, tailoring content specifically for customers, subscribers, and editors, providing a personalized experience for each group.

Custom Dashboard with Gutenberg Builder

gutenberg editor

The only plugin on the marked who have full integration to build custom WordPress Dashboard with Gutenberg.

Custom Dashboard with Bricks Builder

bricks builder

The only plugin on the marked who have full integration to build custom WordPress Dashboard with Bricks Builder.

Custom Dashboard with Oxygen Builder

oxygen builder

The only plugin on the marked who have full integration to build custom WordPress Dashboard with Oxygen Builder.

Dark Themes

wp admin cleaner dark theme admin

WordPress Admin

We have option with one click to change your light admin to dark and save your eyes from burning.

wp admin cleaner dark theme gutenberg

Gutenberg Editor

We have option with one click to change your light Gutenberg Editor to dark and save your eyes from burning.

wp admin cleaner custom css

Custom CSS

If this is not enough you have option to add your own CSS to the WordPress Admin.

Security redirects

For the login and 404 pages

The most targeted URL by hackers is /wp-admin/, which is why we’ve simplified the process of changing it. Simply enter your custom URL and activate the feature for an additional layer of security in just two clicks.

Also for quick testing there is a toggle to enable/disable the settings.

wp admin cleaner redirects
wp admin cleaner login redirects

After login redirect

Per user role with THE Hide
Top Bar option

Now, you can easily redirect your subscribers or any other user role to their custom dashboard after they log in. Additionally, you have the option to hide the top bar, ensuring they never access the standard WordPress profile page.

Alternatively, you can create a custom dashboard tailored for educating Editors, allowing them to see content crafted specifically for them.

Custom WP Login

You will have a UI to adjust settings for colors, logo images and sizes, and page background images. Additionally, you can select from one of our predefined templates or write your own CSS in the code editor area.

wordpress — native loginwordpress custom login wp admin cleaner

Quick Makeup

Easily change colors,
logo, and URL.

You can effortlessly replace the login logo image, adjust the logo size, and modify the logo link. Additionally, you have the option to change the background image or color, as well as the colors of links and text.

If the default WordPress layout doesn’t fully meet your needs, we’ve added an option to transform the entire layout design with just one click.

wp admin cleaner styles


PlaIn DArk

Half Screen Image

Half Screen Image Dark

Custom CSS

If you find that none of the layout designs meet your needs, you can also add your own CSS. The beauty of this approach is that custom CSS acts as an additional layer to the existing settings. You won’t need to rewrite the background color, background image, text color, etc.

What makes WP ADMIN CLEANER Special

Please watch the plugin intro video while we are redesigning our website
and presenting all the features of our plugin.


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