Plugin: Scripts Organizer

  • James LePage

    James LePage

    I was an early adopter of Swiss Knife Pro and Scripts Organizer and have had the privilege of watching both plugins mature into incredibly helpful tools. Both offer a unique set of features dedicated to saving WordPress creators time and augment the development experience. Aside from the features, the development and support are both best […]

  • Andrew Choi

    Andrew Choi

    This is a very powerful plugin. Not only is it feature-rich and offers all the functionality I need, but it literally works every day for me that I use it. Developers are always listening to user suggestions, and by making changes regularly as they’re suggested, they make sure my experience stays strong. I am very […]

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  • Scripts Organizer: 1.4.0 Features

  • Noel


    Scheduling scripts on your WordPress site has never been more straightforward. With Scripts Organizer, you can schedule to run scripts (HTML, CSS, JS & PHP) only where they are needed when they are needed. Add CSS tweaks over Halloween & Black Friday for Visual Themeing or run your chatbot only during your working hours. You […]

  • Alexander Buzmakov

    Alexander Buzmakov

    It paid off when I was going for my last vacation. I have scheduled a promotion banner and left my computer at home. That’s how much I trust him.

  • Scripts Organizer

    Scripts Organizer

    Get full Code Editor experience inside WordPress with support to write PHP hooks and functions, JavaScript, CSS, and compile SCSS. Scripts can be scheduled and triggered based on your needs regardless if you’re sleeping taking a coffee break or on vacation.