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Smarter class naming without limitations

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Plain Classes is a tool that allows you to input plain classes on the Oxygen editor and bypass the Oxygen selector system.

You will have no empty CSS classes rule just to use the external CSS.

Autocomplete Support: Winden, Automatic CSS, OxyMade, Oxygen Selector System

Features List

Name classes without a limit on oxygen

The Oxygen class selector only accepts A-Z characters. Once your naming becomes mature and you want to use “: / @” then Oxygen limits you. The Plain Classes plugin allows you to bypass these limitations.

Faster typing, better preview

With edits on the fly, editing classes has never been faster. Just start typing and autocomplete will appear. Simply replace one letter to change margin-s to margin-m without needing to search class again. It’s quick and easy.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited support
  • Documentation and support
  • More features coming soon

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