Scripts Organizer 3.0 Released

Admin Columns update

screenshot 2021 11 19 at 22.20.24

Zebra stripes are removed and active raws are now coloured with blueish background and blue line on the left.

Completely new UI for the Code Editor

Inspiration for a design is from the Visuals Studio Code and Gutenberg. We took visual studio code is inspiration since we are using the same editor is them Monaco editor.

image 2
image 3
image 4
In Focus Mode
image 5
Navigate fast between code blocks

Use shortcut Command + S to save, and work without distractions.

Emmet Autocomplete

screenshot 2021 11 19 at 22.24.31

Oxygen Stylesheet

Now it's possible and much easier to edit oxygen style sheets without need to load oxygen builder.

On the left side I will have navigator to switch between stylesheets. They will be sorted into the groups same as Oxygen is doing.

screenshot 2021 11 19 at 22.31.40

Oxygen Global Colors

screenshot 2021 11 19 at 22.45.18

Oxygen colours or are automatically displayed if oxygen builder is activated and you registered global colours.

They are available in Code Blocks (CSS and SCSS), SCSS Partials and Oxygen Stylesheets.