Swiss Knife 2.0

Optimized for Oxygen 3.9 >

Performance Update

More features, less code. Swiss knife 2.0 code is refactored, and it is lightweight as it can be.

screenshot 2021 11 20 at 19.42.54

Class Manager

Class Lock and Insert classes are merged into one are located above select classes.

image 7

Class lock

is polished in backend and frontend

image 8

Insert Classes

is updated with the search for names on top and also the added close button in case you don't want to add any of the classes.

Search is filtering as your type.

image 9

Breakpoints size on hover

Is moved to be inside the buttons and not as a tooltip that was taking too much size.

screenshot 2021 11 20 at 19.57.51

New Structure panel

Since Oxygen changed completely HTML structure in 3.9. Icons are aligned properly. And have little opacity as they should now take distraction from reading the text.

image 10

Cut, Copy, Paste AKA Copy to Clipboard

This is still in alpha and we are working to polish it. At the moment it's going to copy everything that is changed/added to the element. In the future, we will add granular copies like only classes, colors, fonts, etc.

It's possible to paste on the same page, another page, or another website.

Note: Feature much be enabled if you want to use shortcuts

screenshot 2021 11 20 at 20.00.54

Pasting between HTTPS and HTTP will bring a dialog box where you need to paste code and it will be converted to HTTP.

screenshot 2021 11 21 at 19.02.51

Shortcuts manager

screenshot 2021 11 21 at 19.06.32

We added an option to display a list of "Assigned" shortcuts inside the Oxygen Builder. We are in the 21st century and we should not print anymore.

By default Display shortcuts feature does not have an assigned shortcut and you need to assign it.

image 11

Variable Fonts

From version 2.0 when you are registering custom fonts you will get the option to choose between Add a Font Faces or Variable font.

screenshot 2021 11 20 at 20.08.32

If you press Variable Font you will get only 1 box instead of several like with Font Faces.

The only difference is that here you will be able to set supported font weights.

screenshot 2021 11 20 at 20.10.55

Here is an example of what you can do with variable fonts