Winden 1.0.15 product updates and LTD Option is active

Builders Support

The new update pushes the Winden outside of just the Oxygen extension. You can now build websites with bricks or even with only Gutenberg. Besides Builders, it has full Scripts Organizer support for Gutenberg add on or shortcodes.

tailwind oxygen
Oxygen Builder
tailwind bricks
Bricks Builder
tailwind gutenberg
tailwind scorg
Scripts Organizer
tailwind cwicly

Purchase options

When we released it, we allowed early adopters to have Lifetime Deal Licenses. It was not fair to others since integration for others came later. That’s why once again, for a limited time, we are allowing:

  1. To purchase LTD Licence
  2. To Migrate from Yearly license to LTD
screenshot 2022 08 09 at 07.59.45


This one is done with Oxygen builder but way of working can be applied to every builder.

Purchase Winden while LTD Last