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How to use it

You can download variable fonts from websites such as Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, Variable Fonts, Font of the Month Club, Typotheque, and Fontstand. Variable fonts offer a lot of flexibility in terms of font weight, width, and other attributes, but not all applications and devices may support them fully.

Why convert

The main reason to convert TTF to WOFF2 is to improve website performance. WOFF2 is a compressed format that allows for faster download and rendering of web fonts, which can lead to faster website load times and a better user experience. In addition, WOFF2 provides improved compression over its predecessor, WOFF, resulting in even smaller file sizes.

Is this secure

Absolutely, we have a policy of not retaining any personal data or files on our system. Our conversion process is done in real-time without any form of storage. As soon as you upload your file, our system promptly converts it and returns it to you as a downloadable file.

Variable Font Managers

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Font Hero

Add custom self-hosted fonts to the WordPress websites. Zero code is required. Supports regular and variable fonts. Optimised for speed and performance it allows you to set display and preload optimisation per font-weight. Fully integration is done for: Gutenberg Editor, Oxygen Builder, Breakdance, Elementor, Bricks Builder, Beaver Builder, Every WordPress Theme