Plugin: Swiss Knife

  • Matthias Altmann

    Matthias Altmann

    Man, you’re nailing it! My coder’s heart loves the code hints and emmet!

  • Simon Kress

    Simon Kress

    Swiss Knife has established itself as one of my favorites. It has become a must-have plug-in for the Oxygen Builder. Personally, I mostly use the ingenious Font Manager, the Script Manager and the Dark Theme for the editor. It’s worth every penny.

  • Mohammed Wasim Akram

    Mohammed Wasim Akram

    Swiss Knife is the most-powerful Oxygen Builder Add-on with various mind-boggling useful features including but not limited to Dark & Light Mode, HTML to Native Elements, Cross Domain Copy-Paste, and Font Manager which make this an Ideal Oxygen Workflow Enhancement Tool for The WordPress Builders.

  • Bryn Barker

    Bryn Barker

    That dark theme looks clean af. Holy shit dude. 👍

  • Swiss Knife Pro

    Swiss Knife Pro

    The first plugin you should install when the default is not enough. Oxygen Builder Extended Features & Themes focused on workflow enhancement.