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Meet Our Team

Muhammad Osama

Co-Founder of dPlugins.

Backend developer and brain behind Swiss Knife and Scripts Organizer. Practicing his witchcraft backend magic last 7 years.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, API integrations (Hubspot, Twillio, Adyen, Shipping APIs), HTML5, CSS3

Currently working on

dPlugins Website Backend Development, Swiss Knife, Scripts Organizer, WP Admin Cleaner, Customer Support

Joshua Siagian


The youngest and the brightest of our all.


Collaboration, Asura + Connector, SandBox, dPlugins Cloud

Milen Grigorov


People person who keeps us up to date with latests tips & tricks. Perfect man to have in your team who will boost team knowledge all the time.


Software engineer and back end architect, WordPress Expert, Consultant and Bootstrap Lover.

Currently working on

Our Freelance Projects and Video Tutorials.

Udoro 'Cracka' Essien

Tutor and Senior Product Designer

Well-known Oxygen Community Tutor that had created a tone of educational videos and best practices. Proven Design Guru in UI and UX field.


HTML5, CSS3, JS, Oxygen

Currently working on

dPlugins Academy

Marko Krstić

Owner of dPlugins.

Started with design in 1999. Currently, besides dPlugins, he is an Art director at Scandic Hotels, delivering design for the Web and the App for 270 Scandinavian hotels.


SCSS, GreenSock, UI, UX, Branding, Marketing, Public relationships. My strongest skill is gluing people together for a bigger cause. That's why here I put myself in the last place, as people above me, helping me to build my dream.

Currently working on

dPlugins Website Design and Development, Brand, Content, UI & UX for all our products, Basic customer support.

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