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Matthias Altmann

Swiss Knife

Man, you're nailing it! My coder's heart loves the code hints and emmet!

Michael Sharp

GitHub user @ms971

We are now working like an Agency! You saw the need, and filled the market gap, so you deserve success. It works perfectly, thank you. Let me grab the Sandbox while it's such a good deal too.

Davor Mlinarić

Swiss Knife

First you install WP and then you install SwissKnife. It's more than a plugin, it's a life saver. Awesome features, powerful functionality and great support. Once you try it, you can't without it.


GitHub user

This plugin is amazing, it gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other team members to do the job quicker and easier, if you buy this and the sandbox plugin you're practically making your life 100% easier.


GitHub user @joomapp

I use almost all software from Joshua Gogun for extending Oxygen Builder. His plugin ideas are focussed on extending functionality and workflow which brings a lot of development speed. Support is very fast and keen to subject. I really recommend any of his work! Jasper

Marc Bollmann

GitHub user @MarcBollmann

Great plugin a must have for agencies where multiple people are working together on one oxygen project to save valueable time!

Alexander Buzmakov

Founder of OxyWP
Scripts Organizer

It paid off when I was going for my last vacation. I have scheduled a promotion banner and left my computer at home. That's how much I trust him.

Renato Corluka

WP Admin Cleaner

WP Admin Cleaner is a simple plugin that solves few problems for developers and clients. It helps developers to keep focus, and you can organize WordPress Admin in a better fashion for clients. Another great delivery by dPlugins!

James Crabb

Corsto Web Design Ltd (UK)
Swiss Knife

I'm a fan of the Swiss Knife. It's one of my favorite oxy plugins and it really enhances Oxygen Builder with its many features, I use Font Manager and Dark mode the most! Worth every penny in my opinion.


GitHub user @thill85

I recently used this for an oxygen project that required multiple people working on pages/templates in order to meet a deadline. Worked great, thanks!

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