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Trusted people from Oxygen community

Simon Kress

Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife has established itself as one of my favorites. It has become a must-have plug-in for the Oxygen Builder. Personally, I mostly use the ingenious Font Manager, the Script Manager and the Dark Theme for the editor. It's worth every penny.

Mohammed Wasim Akram

Founder & Web Strategist at SyncWin
Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife is a high potential Oxygen Builder Add-on with multiple powerful features, and my favorites are Dark Mode, Faster Top Bar, and Debug Mode, which make this add-on a huge time saver while building websites with Oxygen.

Davor Mlinarić

Swiss Knife

First you install WP and then you install SwissKnife. It's more than a plugin, it's a life saver. Awesome features, powerful functionality and great support. Once you try it, you can't without it.

Dicky Ibrohim


Collaboration is  best solution when we want to work on a project with Oxygen together. This is really a plugin that saves our time.

Shan Shah

Founder of Coder Champ
Sandbox for Oxygen Builder

As a developer, I'm always looking for a way to isolate my testing environment for my live websites using wordpress.

This plugin allowed me to easily set up an isolated testing environment.

It's easy to use and set up, and it's very affordable for such a valuable tool.

I would recommend this plugin to any developer or agency that works with WordPress builders  and wants to have an isolated testing and development environment.

Right now, it supports few Builders like Oxygen, bricks & brizy. But, i am sure they are working for other builders as well.

Great work..

Highly recommended


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